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Balcony Gardening – Organic Herbs from my Garden to the Kitchen

Along with my cooking skills, I also want to share some experience of Balcony Gardening. In many of my recipes which I have shared, I try to use those herbs which I grow in my small balcony.  It gives me immense pleasure in using fresh, organically grown herbs and vegetables in my recipes. These vegetables are chemical free and are grown in the most pristine environment. 

I was always very fond of gardening. During my childhood days, we had plenty of land space available for gardening. I learnt my basics from our part time gardener. Gardening was fun then, but over the years it has become a hobby for me. Now I have two balconies where I spend my mornings amidst the greens.

My balcony is the key motivator for me to cook. I plan my dishes around the herbs available in my garden. Some of the herbs are a permanent resident of my balcony and it is really convenient to use them when ever I want. I pluck just the right amount required resulting in no wastage. The best part is that I pluck them just before using. Could it get any fresher than this?  

Before I started growing herbs, I used to buy them. Many a times, these herbs would not be used fresh. Either the herbs would dry off or not get used fully, thus resulting in a lot of wastage. This made me guilty and hence I decided to grow herbs.

I grow most of the herbs and vegetables using  recyclable materials like pet bottles, take away food containers, yogurt tubs, covers of sugar and flours etc. This way I am able to cut the cost of buying containers and make the best use of the waste at home.

I grow vegetables and herbs like coriander, spinach, fenugreek, tomato, capsicum, brinjal, raddish, beans, basil, mint etc.

Some exotic vegetables like broccoli, bokchoy, oregano, lettuce, celery are also part of my balcony garden.

I also help others set up their balcony garden. I will be more than happy to share my knowledge and experience.

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  1. Hi Sangita, I am planning to redo my balcony garden. I would really love your advice and guidance.


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