About Us

Hi, I’m Sangita and I am a self-taught cook.

I started cooking around the age of 14. I would stand in the kitchen and watch my mother cook, who was my biggest inspiration at the time. I still call her sometimes to use her experience to perfect some classic recipes.  Apart from my mother, Tarla Dalal, an Indian chef had also inspired me a lot. At that time, it was her who had popularised Indian and world cuisine to the masses in India. It is because of her that I started trying and experimenting world cuisine.

Currently, I am a full-time mother. Apart from cooking I also paint, my specialty being Tanjore paintings. I’m a part of a small gardening club in my community where we grow flowers, fruits and vegetables. I have a balcony garden too! I generally use all the herbs grown organically from my balcony. You can click here to see glimpse of my balcony and home-grown vegetables and herbs.

What inspired me to start this blog?

I have cooked on many occasions. I have made a salad for my sister’s wedding reception of 600-700 people. I have always cooked for my children’s birthday parties and dinner parties. Seeing how happy my food made people, inspired me to start this cooking blog marking the beginning of ‘Bliss of Cooking’. I choose not to cook meat, so all the recipes on blissofcooking.com are vegetarian. Every recipe is in a detailed step-by-step method with many cooking tips & information, which can be used as reference material.

We work as a team and full credit to my daughter who is responsible for capturing all the images and videos on this site and my husband who is responsible for IT infrastructure planning, design and bringing us to the Web. And finally to my son, who is a food lover and my biggest critic.

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